Walk This Way

It is no secret that shoes are a girl’s best friend, and as we ease into spring there are some shoes you could actually save.  so before we lose our heads here are the must-have this spring.


Here’s a trend that has crept its way back every summer and spring for the past three years. The platform adds support in the front to provide comfort for long hours. It’s a great substitute for a stiletto, pair up the shoe with a maxi dress and shorts and feel ready to blossom this spring.

sandle platforms platforms sneakers


lace-ups have been hitting the streets big time this year. whether there are sandals or pumps the lace up trend is crazy cute. The laces add a flirty and romantic elements to the shoe which can soften up a look. I would definitely recommend it for dates and daytime events. It looks great whether they are open or closed high or flat. they are a must-have pair of shoes.

lace up pumps lace up heels


Don’t give up you winter boots just yet, you might just need them. The booties are great for spring. This season is sunny but also has a hint of a chill in the air, just to keep you slightly warm for those chilly moments. Booties look great with your summer dress or even your skinnies


Spring Things

What I love about spring is that it’s a fabulous time to update  your closet. Inviting bright,soft and funky colours and textures adds  fun and flirtation to your ensemble. 

Slipon sneakers 

Slip on sneaker are both comfy and easy. By adding a funky colours or have a great detail on the sneaker can amp up your look.



Backpacks  are the biggest trend accessory come back . The 90s inspired bag can make any outfit look fun. Small sized backpacks are great  for day time wear and out doors themed date


One thing everyone needs is a great pair of glasses.  Not only do they enhance  your cheekbones but it provides  protection for your eyes in an very stylish way.  Trans-colour lense is making a comeback, not to sure if they will stay but they’re  are certainly funky.

Its All In The Bag

If you’re  anything like me your biggest weakness are shoes and bags. I must say, I am preparing for my “first job” and a great way to get “interview ready” is by having a classy bag. That says your more than just style, something sophisticated to carry your work and your personal life.

small and compact adds cute ,girly and flirty feel to the look. Portable with just enough space ,Great for lunch with friends  and formal daytime events.

sStone has become come my new favourite colour  watch out. The pebble colour is both classy and fun. Its a great substitutionfor black and a greatbway to add that pop of colour. 

Just a little help

Winter doesnt have to be boring. Adding bright , contemporary and light colours can really switch up a look.  By adding metalics and your own personal  style you cannot go wrong.

The ‘boho’ look has  slowly become a classic look over the  years. Block  heel boots ,warm scarf and a sling bag can make it easy to achieve this look.

If you’re  look for something a bit more playful. Try pastel colours like your soft blues and pink . Add some complementary colours  like  white and other soft colour to compliment  the look.

What About Pearls?

Besides you’re basic pearl earrings and necklace, I feel as though pearls have had a hard time breaking into everyday wear.

The timeless accessory can be made modern with everyday wear and for those special nights, they do add a touch of sophistication . There are countless ways to modernize the classic look and make it your own . 

A few items inspired this post ,mainly because im starting to see more pearlbrelated iteams at the stores but not enough.

Chocker Face

The 90s inspired neck  peice has swept the world by storm. Yes! This is another article about the infamous  chocker.  It does only add edgyness to a outfit but it also can add a touch of sophistication. 

We are way beyond the the plain black n the ‘barbed wire’ look of the neck peice that hugs us so tight. The chocker has evolved from everyday to even eveing wear.

If you’re  looking  for a piece that says something but not to much then the ‘Boho chocker ‘ might be more your preference. A braided detail or tassles can relax the look.

Keeping it simple is never a bad option especially  when your running out of time. The Bowtie and simple chains not only adds simplicity but a touch of romance to the overall look. 

Earrings, Earrings Earrings !

Earing has to be the common  accessory for any women. They add class, playfulness and completion to every  look. Whether it be simple studs or boisterous earings every women need a pair of everyday and occasional earings

A few items caught my attention while walking around the mall. Some were over- the- top others simple but they did the job of making me purchase the product. I am a huge earring lover and you would probably understand why.20170522_151419.jpg

Every women need a pair of occasional earings,  this is to bring up the look and only used for events and speacial occasion. Now if u can pull off the the bling and gloss of the of the evening accessory during the day then you’re  one to slay.  Here are some idea of evening looks 20170522_151831.jpg