The Infamous LBD

Here is another fashion post about the Little Black Dress. Why? Lets be honest  it is an item you need to have and I’m  here to show you  how one item can change everything.


So, this little sexy number is by far my favourite my favourite LBD purely because of it’s simplicity. Simplicity it key people and I’ll  tell you why. It plays a huge part in dressing up or down the outfit. The colour is vital because black literally goes with everything ,it’s slimming and most importantly goes with every  skin tone😊. Moving on…


  1. The black body cotton dress is a great date dress, sexy enough to show your curvy body and long enough not to show all the goodies. Great for casual outings, pair with a great of scandals  or sneaks ( Old skool Vans would be my preference in this case) and a denim jacket. Let me show you what  I’m  talking about…


This jacket is my baby. It Gives a casual ease to the look by just adding one extra item the look totally transforms. I guest from casual to even more casual.



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