For The ❤ Of Summer.

Anything thing crotchet I absolutely adore. A while back I bought a lovely  crotchet dress which I had eyed for  months and I finally  got it. It’s  not my favourite item but I do have an obscene amount for love  for it.


The thin  strap and the low V-shaped neckline is great for us girls that lack around the chest area , such as myself, and iy is a great way to show some skin too.


I go ‘gaga’ for the length. For those who are short unfortunately this length won’t work out  for you. The lenghth will give the illusion that you are shorter than what you are, I would recommend that you would alter a dress like this.


The foral crotchet detail add an element of romance, easy and a “boho” touch. Pair it up with a great strappy heal or even flat  sandals  just to finish up the look.








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