The Summer Suit

Suits  can be fun n flirty (now please bare in mind this is not work wear) especially in the summer time. With the opportunity to play with colour, print  and fabric  there is no way one cannot find suit that best fits for them.


The mini suit is normally paired up with a great pair of sneaker to create an easy/sporty look but because im extra wore my “Save the day” strap heels.


Young tip: Great way to identify a summer suit is through light fabrics,(if you’re not up for shorts)  lengths, shorts and short sleeved blazers.






It’s Just Stripes.

Can we please just talk about stripes  for two seconds? it is one of the most oldest and classic pattern in  fashion. Stripes  never disappoints but the trick is to get the proportions that best suits you.


It’s not a secrete that horizontal stripes make on look bigger but that also depends on the size of the stripes .  Thickness of the stripe is everything, thinner lines wont draw as much attention than thick lines do. Not only do thick lines make you bigger but it probably emphasise parts of your body one wouldnt want to highlight.


Just a young tip: vertical stripes elongates and makes one appear surprisly thinner.20180210_145229

For The ❤ Of Summer.

Anything thing crotchet I absolutely adore. A while back I bought a lovely  crotchet dress which I had eyed for  months and I finally  got it. It’s  not my favourite item but I do have an obscene amount for love  for it.


The thin  strap and the low V-shaped neckline is great for us girls that lack around the chest area , such as myself, and iy is a great way to show some skin too.


I go ‘gaga’ for the length. For those who are short unfortunately this length won’t work out  for you. The lenghth will give the illusion that you are shorter than what you are, I would recommend that you would alter a dress like this.


The foral crotchet detail add an element of romance, easy and a “boho” touch. Pair it up with a great strappy heal or even flat  sandals  just to finish up the look.









Tube top , Mom jeans and heels ,  you cannot go wrong. It is Slowly becoming my favourite  denim item in my closest  (after  my denim jacket) . The Mom Jean has become  has evolved to fashion’s best buy.IMG_20180114_171426_134

My Sunday look was inspired  by the Mom Jean and a close friend (that never stops wearing them! ) . I adore the lose fit and love the fact they are high waisted ,whether the jeans are rolled up or down it creates a sense of ease and comfort  to an outfit.


To make the jeans  a little more funky I looked for  a pair a little more fun and expressive, luckily I  had found a pair with floral patch-work and ripped detailing.


When looking for great fit, try a size bigger to get the right feel of the jean. You can alway alter the waist.

Remember, always find a way to express yourself through your  your clothing . That way you speak less. 😉


Walk This Way

It is no secret that shoes are a girl’s best friend, and as we ease into spring there are some shoes you could actually save.  so before we lose our heads here are the must-have this spring.


Here’s a trend that has crept its way back every summer and spring for the past three years. The platform adds support in the front to provide comfort for long hours. It’s a great substitute for a stiletto, pair up the shoe with a maxi dress and shorts and feel ready to blossom this spring.

sandle platforms platforms sneakers


lace-ups have been hitting the streets big time this year. whether there are sandals or pumps the lace up trend is crazy cute. The laces add a flirty and romantic elements to the shoe which can soften up a look. I would definitely recommend it for dates and daytime events. It looks great whether they are open or closed high or flat. they are a must-have pair of shoes.

lace up pumps lace up heels


Don’t give up you winter boots just yet, you might just need them. The booties are great for spring. This season is sunny but also has a hint of a chill in the air, just to keep you slightly warm for those chilly moments. Booties look great with your summer dress or even your skinnies


Spring Things

What I love about spring is that it’s a fabulous time to update  your closet. Inviting bright,soft and funky colours and textures adds  fun and flirtation to your ensemble. 

Slipon sneakers 

Slip on sneaker are both comfy and easy. By adding a funky colours or have a great detail on the sneaker can amp up your look.



Backpacks  are the biggest trend accessory come back . The 90s inspired bag can make any outfit look fun. Small sized backpacks are great  for day time wear and out doors themed date


One thing everyone needs is a great pair of glasses.  Not only do they enhance  your cheekbones but it provides  protection for your eyes in an very stylish way.  Trans-colour lense is making a comeback, not to sure if they will stay but they’re  are certainly funky.


Its All In The Bag

If you’re  anything like me your biggest weakness are shoes and bags. I must say, I am preparing for my “first job” and a great way to get “interview ready” is by having a classy bag. That says your more than just style, something sophisticated to carry your work and your personal life.

small and compact adds cute ,girly and flirty feel to the look. Portable with just enough space ,Great for lunch with friends  and formal daytime events.

sStone has become come my new favourite colour  watch out. The pebble colour is both classy and fun. Its a great substitutionfor black and a greatbway to add that pop of colour.